What is a paraglider?

Special wings to fly like eagles do!

The paraglider is a wing made of a special cloth, that thanks to its shape and to the speed it reaches, it can fly for the same principles birds do. It is surely the easiest and most exciting way to realize the dream that everyone had at least once in a lifetime: to take your feet off the ground and fly! 


Very simple, we lay the wing on the ground in the right wind direction. The pilot secures the passenger and his own harness and, with a short briefing, explains him what to do. After that a few steps run will inflate the wing and give it the shape and the speed it needs to fly. During this procedure the passenger just need to do what the pilot tells him to and in a moment we will be airborne and enjoying the sound of the wind confortably seated in our harnesses.


No, a paraglider is a flying machine, like plane or a hang-glider, whilst a parachute is a cloth canopy that, once open, slows down a free fall!


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Does a tandem paraglider carry an emergency reserve parachute?

Of course! In every tandem pilot’s harness there is a canopy reserve parachute. Our philosophy is that reserve should always be there but should never be needed! We Fassa Fly guarantee the maximum standards in terms of safety.

How do I book a flight an how much in advance?

To book a flight you can call or mail us (see CONTACTS section). Usually we fix a date and than we update a couple of days before that date to verify that the wheather conditions allow a safe flight. The earlier you book the better it is, anyway you  will be confirmed two days in advance.

How do we get to the flying site?

Our meeting point is usually in front of the ticket counter of the cable car Col Rodella in Campitello di Fassa, but it might be somwhere else in some particular cases or when the lift is closed, we will tell you where to meet and we will think about  eventual transfers.

Is it possible to fly more than one at a time?

There are always 2 pilots plus more when needed (for groups ) So you can fly together with whoever you want to.

Can people with phisical handicaps fly?

Yes. Fassa Fly is equipped with specific equipment for flying with passengers with phisical handicaps. Contact us and we will be happy to find together a way to make a flight in complete safety.

Is the equipment specific for tandemfly?

Yes, the gear we use is specifically studied to carry 2 peaple, the wings are bigger and the harnesses are made to provide the best comfort possible.

How much does a Tandem-paraglider weight? How much does it cost?

A tandem-paraglider wheights between 25 and 30 kg. The cost of a wing is about 4.000 € plus the two harnesses that cost 1.400 €, and the reserve parachute is about 1.000.

What to wear?

It depends on the season, please remember that winter in Val di Fassa can be quite cold, and also during the summer the air can be fresh at high altitude, so we recommend ski clothes in the winter and a wind- proof jacket for the summer. Hiking boots are perfect or at least shoes with a good grip.

What should the passenger do during take off, flight and landing?

To take off we just need to run few meters following the pilot instructions, no esitation, no stop.

To land it is enough to lift up the legs, so to land on our butt. Don’t worry, the harness has an air-bag for a super soft landing. During the flight tha passenger has just to enjoy the magnificent views Val di Fassa and its Dolomites can offer.

What kind of flights can we do on a tandem-paraglider?

We basically offer two kinds of tandem-flights:

  1. Glided flight: duration about 15-20 minutes, done in calm air, is recommended as a first experience.

  2. Thermal flight: is during the day’s middle hours when we can use the thermal currents that allow us to gain altitude, fly further and enjoy even wider panoramas. As this flight is more rough is recommended to passengers who already tried a glided flight

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